Short Course

Short Course X-Adventure – Race Categories and Prizes


The following categories will be recognised at the 2017 X-Adventure Dunsborough off-road triathlons.


Solo competitors who complete the entire course alone:

  • Junior (under 18yrs) Male / Female
  • Prime (18-39yrs)Male / Female
  • Veteran (40 – 49yrs) Male / Female
  • Vintage (50 – 59yrs) Male / female
  • Masters (60+ yrs) Male / Female

Relay Teams of up to 3

A relay team with either 2 or 3 competitors who divide the course between them (either doing one leg each if a team of 3 or one person doing 2 legs if a team of 2).

  • Junior Team (all competitors aged under 18yrs)
  • Male Team
  • Female Team
  • Mixed Team

Age categories are according to your age on race day.

New Schools Category

We have added a schools category to the X-Adventure Short Course race (only), so that schools and school aged kids have their own event category and are able to compete against one another equally. We always provide great encouragement for junior athletes to be involved with our events and we hope this new category will inspire even more schools and students to get into adventure!

Key points for the schools category:

  • We will award the X-Adventure Champion School Trophy to the school who has the lowest cumulative place score compared to other schools.
  • Place scores will be the addition of the overall placing of:
    • One individual (male or female) who completes the Short Course race
    • Two relay teams (of any gender mix) who completes the Short Course race
  • Schools may submit as many individual and relay team entries as they like, and we will add together the placing of your fastest individual and fastest 2 teams. The specific individual and teams do not have to be specified before the race, we will see who is fastest on the day
  • Individuals and relay teams members must all be from the one school and must be under the age of 18 on race day
  • Place scores will be determined from your overall placing across the whole X-Adventure Short Course field.
    • Eg. If Mary, John, Team A, Team B and Team C are all from the one school and all do the short course race, and if Mary comes 112th overall, John comes 150th, Team A comes 76th overall, Team B comes 64th overall and Team C comes 50th overall, we will add together Mary’s, Team B’s and Team C’s places to provide a place score of 226.
  • School entrants must tick the ‘Schools Trophy’ box when entering the event in the online entry system so we know you are participating in the Schools Trophy competition.

Prizes and awards

INDIVIDUAL: 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all recognised individual categories in the Short Course X-Adventure (as listed above) will receive a custom event medal / trophy / item in recognition of their achievement..

RELAYS: 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all recognised team categories in the Short Course X-Adventure (as listed above) will receive a custom event medal / trophy / item in recognition of their achievement.

CHAMPION SCHOOL: We will strike a new X-Adventure Champions Schools trophy that we will present to the winning school that will be very worthy of the school reception desk and be the envy of all who see it!

Random prize draws

In addition to the above, some awesome random draws will be made on the day, with a swag of goodies up for grabs for all participants.

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