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Groms X-Adventure Course Description and Maps

The Groms’ event is designed especially for kids aged under 9yrs (on race day) and includes a similar off-road course as everyone else but is just toned right back to be fun and achievable for little kids.

The entire event is held within very close proximity to the race HQ at the Dunsborough Country Club and kids are welcome to be supervised / escorted by their parents if needs be.

No swim

The Groms’ X-Adventure does not include a swim leg.

800m trail run

All Groms will commence together in a mass start filled with happy enthusiasm. Kids complete a short out and back on the grassy fairways before returning to the transition area to pick up their bikes.

1200m mountain bike

Groms then head out on their bikes, up a slight hill on a wide gravel track a short way before turning onto the same single track through the trees as everyone else. This swooping trail is slightly downhill, is full of fun and achievable for junior kids.

Finish line run

Groms then ride their bikes across the finish line, on the fairway of the Dunsborough Country Club.

Course key elements

  • Groms may be accompanied by their parents if needs be (although we encourage you to let them have a go themselves – you’ll be surprised what they can achieve in an event environment alongside other kids)
  • The ride leg may be completed by kids on balance bikes if that is what they ride. But all Groms need helmets (just like everyone else)
  • The course for all legs will be clearly marked and supervised by course marshals so Groms can follow it unguided – adding to the adventure of completing it themselves.

Course map


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