Categories and Prizes


The following categories will be acknowledged after each stage as a 'Stage Winner'.

  • Junior (Under 18) individual - male and female
  • Prime (18-39) individual - male and female
  • Veteran (40-49) individual - male and female
  • Vintage (50-59) individual - male and female
  • Masters (60+) individual - male and female
  • Pedal assisted E-Bike *

* Pedal assisted e-bikes may be used provided they do not have a power output greater than 250watts or a powered speed faster than 25km/hr. E-bikes will have their own category and will not be eligible for age group or overall prizes or prize money.


Daily Presentations

A presentation ceremony will be held each evening that will include:

  • Reading of the results for each male/female category - an award is presented  to 2018 stage winners
  • Greater emphasis given to random prizes given away to riders across all divisions from the days' racing.


Final Presentations (Sunday Evening)

A presentation ceremony will be held on Sunday evening to recognise the following from the past 4 days:

  • Top 3 male and females in the General Classification who entered as a Six-Stage Rider prior to Stage 1
  • Top 3 male/female in each age category who entered as a Six-Stage Rider prior to Stage 1
  • Plus a whole bunch of random prizes.


Additional Awards

  • Dead Centre In the Red Centre - a special number plate sticker will be presented to the male or female who finishes in the dead centre of the field. This applies to Six-Stage Riders only.


The Tavis Johannsen Memorial Trophy

Tavis Johannsen was a friendly, enthusiastic, and passionate person who always strove to get the most out of life - so it was with utter disbelief that he passed away in his sleep in 2009. Tavis did the Red Centre MTB Enduro in 2008 and also in 2009 and held the event and the outback very close to his heart. With the encouragement of Tavis’s friends – many of whom have competed in the event in the past - we have struck a memorial trophy in honour of Tavis.

As such, the male winner of the final stage of the event, Stage 6, will be awarded with the Tavis Johannsen Memorial Trophy. (The trophy has been donated by Brendan Heenan from the MacDonnell Range Holiday Park– who was also Tavis’s father in-law.)


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