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Training for the Run Larapinta Stage Race 

Find Your Feet our official training partner

We are excited to re-appoint Hanny Allston from Find Your Feet as our official training partner for the 2018 Run Larapinta Stage Race.

Hanny won Run Larapinta Malbunka outright in 2016 and is one of Australia’s most accomplished trail runners and orienteers with World, National and State Championships to her name as well as numerous course records and race victories all under her belt.

Read a full profile of Hanny here.

Training Planner Introduction

Hanny Allston has prepared a FREE 5 month training planner for all athletes participating in the Run Larapinta Stage Races. The planner covers both the Malbunka and Namatjira events.

One of the most important aspects of preparing for any ultra distance event is finding consistency in your training. Consistency is not about how hard you train or how many kilometres you run, rather it is about stringing together consistent months of training over a prolonged period of time. Hanny’s FREE training planner will help you to achieve this.

Hanny’s FREE Run Larapinta Stage Race Training Planner utilises her theory of Wave Training and works on a 3 week cycle:

  • Weeks 1 & 2: focus on the quality of your training, assisting you to get fitter and more prepared for the individual challenges you will face on Race Day.
  • Week 3: focuses firstly on rest & recovery, followed by a larger volume of training that simulates race day. She calls this the ‘Mission’ and is where the majority of the longest runs are found.

Hanny has also structured the plan to incorporate trial Taper and Race Weeks. This will allow you to trial your nutrition, hydration, mandatory gear, taper and 4 consecutive days of Larapinta-style effort (although the distances are not as far as for the events in August). She sees this as a really important part of feeling well prepared and confident for the start of the races.

You can download the first 3 weeks of the FREE TRAINING PLANNER here

If you are enjoying the training and would like to proceed with the remainder of the 5 month FREE training plan, you can download the rest by visiting Hanny’s Coaching Corner at Hanny’s Resources for Runners


In summary, this is a FREE training service provided by Hanny Allston. Hanny also recommends that you download and read her Ultra Running Guidebook. Whilst it is not specific to Run Larapinta, it will provide a very comprehensive overview of her training theories, tips and tricks for getting you to our Run Larapinta start line optimally prepared.  She also has many educational podcasts & blog posts to explore on the Find Your Feet website on topics such as nutrition & hydration, mandatory gear, racing strategies and much more.

Please don't hesitate to contact Hanny & the Find Your Feet trail running specialists at any time.  






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