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Training for the Run Larapinta Stage Race 

Hanny Allston and Find Your Feet our official training partners

We are excited to re-appoint Hanny Allston from Find Your Feet as our official training partner for the 2018 Run Larapinta Stage Race.

Hanny won Run Larapinta Malbunka outright in 2016 and is one of Australia’s most accomplished trail runners and orienteers with World, National and State Championships to her name as well as numerous course records and race victories all under her belt.

CLICK HERE to read a profile on Hanny.


HANNY'S FREE Training Plan

Hanny Allston has prepared a FREE training plan for all athletes participating in the Run Larapinta Stage Races. The planner covers both the Malbunka and Namatjira events.

One of the most important aspects of preparing for any ultra distance event is finding consistency in your training. Consistency is not about how hard you train or how many kilometres you run, rather it is about stringing together consistent months of training over a prolonged period of time. Hanny’s FREE training plan will help you to achieve this - especially when read in conjunction with her Trail Running Guidebook.

CLICK HERE to download Hanny's FREE Training Plan.


Trail Running Guidebook

The training plan above is best followed and understood when read in conjunction with Hanny’s new Trail Running Guidebook that is available for sale for $14.95.

Hanny's Find Your Feet Trail Running Guidebook has been produced to allow athletes of most abilities a safe pathway of preparation to events such as Run Larapinta.  The Guidebook is a summary of Hanny's personal coaching methodologies with a focus on sustainable, long term health & training successes. The Find Your Feet Trail Running Guidebook provides an overview of Hanny's training theories in the sport of trail and ultra distance running. It includes her unique theories on wave training, a style of training that she has developed after spending the last 8 years coaching adult runners of all abilities. Contents:

  • Hanny's 3 secrets to success
  • Stress, stressors and avoiding overtraining
  • The foundations of SMART training
  • Night running
  • Running technique including, flat, uphill, downhill, trails, stairs, and hiking
  • Training for hills without hills
  • Psychology of racing
  • Common injuries
  • Older athletes
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • The sessions outlined in her Run Larapinta Stage Race Training Programs
  • How to tailor your training to suit your racing and lifestyle requirements

"I am so excited to finally release my Find Your Feet Trail Running Guidebook. This is a download of everything in my head, every small piece of advice that I know can help you run smoother, longer and towards your wildest potential. Enjoy!" Hanny Allston

We strongly recommend all runners purchase a copy of the Guidebook not just to aid your preparation for Run Larapinta but to build your knowledge and understanding of trail running and how to best enjoy it sustainably for many years to come.

Purchase the Trail Running Guidebook for $14.95 here.


Feel free to contact Hanny & the Find Your Feet trail running specialists if you have any questions about her training plan and guidebook.



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