Race Nutrition

Your Training and Race Nutrition  

If you are going to run this distance you need a solid nutrition plan. Failure to adequately address your nutrition for this event will result in long and difficult day (and a VERY long week!). This is totally unnecessary if you learn what nutrition to take, how much and when.


Water points, checkpoints and marshals

Water points will be established along the courses for all stages but may still be 20km apart so runners will definitely need to carry water with you whilst on the trail. These water points will be manned and will double as emergency access points with marshals with radios and / or satellite phones.

Water points will have drums of water as well as nutrition/sports drink products that allow you to refill your bladders / bottles.

There will basically be no food or nutrition at water points (other than some fruit cake and / or snakes) and we encourage you to be completely self-sufficient for nutrition to get you from the start to the finish.

Finish line refreshments

Finish lines will have some fruit, lollies, water and nutrition drink provided by us, whilst most finish lines also have a café that allows you to purchase some food / cold drinks for yourself as listed below:

  • Stage 1: Finish at the Old Telegraph Station – no food for sale at the time you finish (it closes at 5:00pm).
  • Stage 2: Finish at Standley Chasm – there is a shady café in the car park area, 500m from the finish line. The café does lunches and meals as well as plenty of cold drinks and refreshments.
  • Stage 3: Finish at Ormiston Gorge – there is a well-stocked café right next to the finish line with cold drinks, fresh coffee, ice-creams and more (closes at 4:00pm).
  • Stage 4: Finish at Glen Helen Homestead Lodge – there is a restaurant, café and bar at Glen Helen Homestead Lodge, right opposite the finish line, making this the perfect finish line for the final stage of the event.


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