The Cause

Kids need to be able to be kids…


...that's why Run for Geelong’s Kids is raising much needed money so that Barwon Health can build a new kids rehabilitation centre.

Currently any kids who require this service need to do so in the adult rehabilitation centre which is predominantly occupied by elderly members of the community which doesn’t let kids recover in a way they need to.

They can’t do things like play with a ball… play music… or spread their toys around and be kids because that compromises the adults recovery.

The rehab centre is for kids recovering from acute injury or illness, they no longer need to stay in hospital but they are far from being well enough to go home and we believe they should have access to first class, state of the art facilities that help to positively impact their recovery. That’s why we’re on a mission to help raise much-needed funds to support Barwon Health Foundation’s Kids Appeal so they can reach their goal of a new kids rehabilitation centre as soon as possible.

Did you know? Each year 156 kids from our region require rehabilitation due to spinal cord injury, stroke or brain injury.

We hope you can help us help them as well…

For more information on the Barwon Health Foundation’s Kids Appeal click here or watch this superb little video below.


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