Virtual Runner

Can’t make it on the day? here is another way you can be involved and support our kids...


By becoming a virtual Runner you can still show your support for the event and the Barwon Health Foundation’s Kids Appeal even if you are unable to make it in person!

Being a Virtual Runner is a great option if you:

  • live away from Geelong and can’t make it on race day
  • are unwell or unable to participate for health reasons – maybe you’re even in hospital right now
  • have to work on race day but want to show your support for the Kids Appeal
  • have a friend or family member who has used some of Barwon Health’s great facilities and services and want to say ‘thank you’

Being a Virtual Runner allows you to share in the excitement and build up of race day and even allow you to conduct your own ‘races’ with your friends even though you’re not at the event itself.

All Virtual Runners will receive:

  • a number plate posted to you before the event
  • your name on the website as a virtual runner
  • be kept up to date with the event build up and on race day
  • get the chance to share your story with everyone else

In fact we’d LOVE IT if you could tell us WHY ARE YOU A VIRTUAL RUNNER so we can share your story and hopefully inspire others. Maybe you’re unwell and in a wheel chair or hospital bed but with Barwon Health’s assistance you’re on the road to recovery. So tell us why you’re running virtually and we’ll send the good vibes your way by e-mailing us at [email protected]


NOTE – Up until 2nd November you can transfer your Virtual Runner entry to a standard event entry if your circumstances change; please email [email protected] to arrange the change. You’ll then be asked log back in to your entry and pay the difference in the entry fee.


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