1km Kids Run

Fun and excitement filled. Our 1km kids run is the most entertaining event of them all.


Created especially for our energetic kids who love running their little hearts out all while having a great time with their friends!



Exact distance: 985m.

Kids: There is no minimum or maximum age for kids to participate in this event, but somewhere between 3yrs – 10yrs is probably about right!

Parents: Parents and other adult friends and/or family members can run with your child if you like, although we encourage you to let them go so they can experience the thrill of the event by themselves. Parents do not need to register / enter if just accompanying your child.

Parents can easily remain on the footpath and see their child, although you may need to move quickly to see them at the start and then at the finish line – depending on how fast your little hero is!

This is NOT A RACE and is purely participation based… meaning everyone is a winner whether you’re fast or slow! We will not record times or result and will not award prizes to winners.

The course: The course is basically an out and back loop, with kids remaining within sight of parents for the vast majority of the run. They start heading east on Ritchie Bvd, do a U-Turn at the far end and then run through to the finish line.

The course is completely closed to cars and is kept safe and secure with marshals and traffic management personnel.

Water Stations: There are no water stations on the 1km kids run other than at the finish line – on the grass at Steampacket Gardens

Start time: 10:15am Sunday 18th November, 2018

Start process: All kids line up together under the start arch on Ritchie Boulevard facing towards the Eastern Gardens, and when the starting horn sounds they take off like a rocket with all the energy they have!

Finish line: Eastern Beach Rd directly opposite Steampacket Gardens – the same finish line as for all other events

NOTE: Pets, scooters, skates, skateboards or bikes are NOT permitted on the course.



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