Course Information

Course information

We all know that women can achieve anything and are as tough as any bloke right…?! Right.

But if you are a bit unsure of yourself and are new to this cycling thing then here are a few recommendations for which of the Otway Odyssey races are best for you. There’s definitely a goal here for you, after all, most of the time it’s the journey to get to the start line as much as the race experience itself!



Detailed below is 'friendly' course descriptions written by female sporting enthusiasts, Adele Worner and Kate Maffett. We hope this gives you a good insight and understanding of what to expect...

  • Sunday 24th February, 2019
  • Start/Finish Forrest Football Oval, Forrest Victoria
  • 9:00am START


Picture this… simply stunning tall timber forests lined with tree-ferns, smooth dirt roads weaving through the trees, air so fresh it purifies your soul, a gaggle of girls to ride and chat with along the way, zero cars or traffic zooming past your hip, a mid-ride café where you can stay as long as you like and the full support of an event environment should anything go wrong…

…if that sounds like you’re kind of ride then the Great Otway Gravel Grind (the GOGG) is for you!

The 49km course is designed for those who don’t necessary have the skills or inclination to mountain bike on narrow trails but who enjoy a cycling journey through pure wilderness - with no cars - allowing you to take in the beautiful terrain.

The GOGG events stick to the 2WD dirt roads that permeate the Otway rainforest and do not require any special skills or equipment to enjoy. Whether you have a mountain bike, hybrid bike, gravel bike or something in between this event is within your reach as it passes through some magnificent scenery on the Otway Ranges.

The 49KM GOGG commences with a mass start with all riders setting off together but with wide, open, traffic free roads there are no issues with faster riders going past or riding side by side with your friends. The course starts out on some flatter roads before a long climb up Delaneys Track to Mt Sabine Road deep in the Otway Rainforest. At the top of the climb you pass through the ‘Time-Out zone’ and water point where you can purchase a coffee and cake and meet up with friends, before a fun descent down Kaanglang Rd to the finish in the Forrest Footy Ground once again.

All roads provide easy, fast rolling and riding with no technical aspects along the way. The descent is on a smooth, hard packed dirt road and avoids any loose gravel or sand that could be a bit tricky – making it a great ride for riders of all abilities. There can be some short sections of loose gravelly/rocky road surface.


We know that coffee (and cake?) is crucial to the cycling community so the course includes a time-out zone where you can enjoy a break with your friends before remounting your bike and racing on to the finish. There will still be finish times, winners and grinners but having a pause in the middle is the gravel grinder style and you’ll love it.

Timing: the clock stops as you enter the time-out zones, and restarts again once you leave! Great hey?

COURSE STATS (approx.)

Length: 49km 
Total elevation gain / loss: 1,030m approx

  • Leg 1 (Start - Delaney Tk - Mt Sabine Rd): 33km.
  • Leg 2 (Mt Sabine Rd - Kanglang Rd - Footy Ground): 16km.


  • RED and/or ORANGE directional arrows on a white background. Arrows indicate the correct route.
  • Strips of FLUORO PINK plastic surveyors’ tape tied to trees. These indicate that you are on the correct route.
    • Red and white barrier tape marking where NOT TO GO!


  • 33km point at Mt Sabine Rd / Kaangalang Rd junction. Water, Hammer Hydration and Coffee available in Time Out Zone. 
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