Gearing up for X-Adventure - meet the elites

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

X-Adventure Dunsborough is Australia’s largest offroad triathlon, and each year it attracts a range of elite and aspiring athletes as well as individuals and relay teams of all ages and levels.

Simon Billeau, Renata Bucher and Jess Reynolds are just some of the elite athletes heading to Dunsborough for X-Adventure next weekend.

Get to know who you’ll be racing against:

Name: Simon Billeau

Simon Billeau

Nickname: In France when I was a young student, it was "Billeauman". It was because of an Asian TV series called "Bioman". In French, the pronunciation is the same.
DOB: 17/01/1982
Lives: North Beach, Perth, WA
Sporting Background: Swimming and Athletics.
Main Discipline/sport: Cycling...
Years racing/adventure racing: 16 years
Why adventure racing? Because it’s off-road, because it's boring-free, because it's tougher, and because no one can draft!
What are you looking forward to at X-Adventure: I visited Dunsborough last year after a triathlon in Karri Valley. I stayed for a week with my wife, visited the Margaret River wineries and fell in love with the landscape. Furthermore, I'm a countryside French guy. I've been mountain biking from a young age in our forests, swimming in the river, running on single track. That's why I feel fortunate to race the X-Adventure in Dunsborough this year.
2017 events: Sufferfest Albany the 5th of Feb, Challenge Wanaka the 19th of Feb, Karri Valley LD triathlon the 19th of March and the X-Adventure on the 26th.
Motto: Happy wife, happy life...

Simon Billeau will be racing offroad this March at X-Adventure


Name: Renata Bucher

Renata Bucher will be racing offroad this March at X-Adventure

Nickname: Swiss, Swiss Miss or Captain Cheese
Sporting Background: I played Handball as a junior, then I was a runner, then I was a mountain biker, then I had to learn how to swim for my teaching degree in sports and turned into an offroad triathlete
Looking forward to at X-Adventure Dunsborough: Yes, I'm wondering how it will feel to run after the swim and to finish up the race with the bike leg. And I’ve never been to the other side of Australia. It's time to visit Dunsborough and the area, I can't wait.
Years racing: Half of my life!
Goals for 2017: To keep enjoying the racing, to discover new places and races, to stay healthy, to share and embrace it.
Motto: Live for the moments you cannot put into words.


Renata Bucher

Name: Jess Reynolds

Jess Reynolds

Nickname: Twiggy
DOB: 12/10/79
Lives: Dunsborough
Sporting Background: Runner
Main Discipline/sport: Running comes easiest but love them all equally now!
Years racing/adventure racing: started with English Schools Athletics when I was in my teens, progressed to longer distance running at Uni and since moving to Oz 13 years ago I dabbled in triathlon finally finding Adventure Racing around 5 years ago!
Why adventure racing? Because 'bitumen is boring'
What are you looking forward to at X-Adventure: Racing around my local turf with half of Dunsborough
Upcoming events: whatever off road fun I can fit in! As the kids get older I hope to try more overseas races as I love combining travel with off-road adventure.
Motto: Anything is possible

Jess Reynolds



Media Information

Media passes are available to accredited journalists and photographers and entitle you to be positioned in a cordoned-off area immediately behind the finish line.

To apply for a media pass on race weekend or to simply enquire about access to editorial and photos, please contact Rapid Ascent on 03 5261 5511.

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