Race 1 - Westerfolds Park

FINAL EVENT INFORMATION: We encourage all competitors to download and read the Event Program that contains all the final event information like schedule, course maps, parking plan and more… CLICK HERE to download (right click ‘save as’ 15meg pdf).



event schedule

Race day schedule

Sunday 16th June 2019

7:00am Race registration opens
9:30am Race registration closes
8:20am HIIT Factory aerobics warm up - long course
8:30am START - Long Course (15km)
8:45am HIIT Factory aerobics warm up - medium course
8:55am START - Medium Course (10km)
9:10am HIIT Factory aerobics warm up - short course
9:20am START - Short Course (5km)
9:28am Long course winner expected
9:35am Medium course winner expected
9:40am Short course race winner expected
10:45am Race presentation and spot prize giveaways
11:15am Courses close and event complete

Event expo

The Event Expo and Start / Finish area in Westerfolds Park including sponsors displays, food / coffee for sale, live music, race commentary, social media boards, presentations and plenty more.

It is located next to a huge playground that is ideal for kids to have fun on.

All in all it’s a lovely, welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy whether you are running or not. For a full list of services see the Event Expo page.

The location

Race #1 is centered in Westerfolds Park in Templestowe (off Fitzsimons Lane).

Driving and parking directions:

Navigate yourself to Fitzsimons Lane in Templestowe (ideally driving north so you have a left hand turn into the park) and turn into Westerfolds Park through the main entrance. Follow the signs and park in any of the named car parking areas. .

NOTE: Whilst there is a moderate amount of parking inside Westerfolds Park near the Event Centre, due to some congestion inside the park we recommend you park in the southern car parking areas and on Porter St and around the around Templestowe Reserve and walk the 700m to the event centre.

Those parking inside Westerfolds Park will not be able to turn right onto Fitzsimmons Lane when exiting, simply turn left and do a U-turn at the Main Rd round-about 1.8km north.

The start

Start line location

The start wline will be immediately adjacent the finish line and event expo area near the 'Red Gum' car parking area.

Starting procedure

  • 8:30am Long course race start
  • 8:55am Medium course race start
  • 9:20am Short course race start

All distances will start racing with a single wave start.


Please place yourself in the start chute according to your honest running ability, with fast runners near the front, recreational runners in the middle and those who are here to enjoy yourself towards the back.

  • Please be honest about your ability as it will maximise your and everyone else’s enjoyment if you place yourself accurately
  • Your time will be recorded when you cross the timing mat at the start, so it does not truly matter where you start
  • Those runners waiting for your start are asked to wait to the side of the start chute so you are out of the way of runners getting under way

Competitor number plates

Number plate identification

All competitors are required to wear their race number plate whilst running in the race. Numbers must be safety pinned to the front of your race top so it is clearly visible from the front.

Your number plate will have a small timing tag stuck to the back so we can record your start and finish time. This tag looks just like a strip of foam, so please do not remove it from your number plate otherwise you will not get an official result.

  • GOLD number plates denote runners who have entered the entire Trail Running Series, doing at least 4 of the 5 events in the series.
  • RED, GREEN & BLUE number plates will be given to all single race runners... ie, those who are not entered into the entire Series. Red (long course), Green (medium course), Blue (short course).

If you have a GOLD number plate and are doing all races in the series please KEEP YOUR NUMBER PLATE and timing tag to use for all of your races in the series. We will not be re-issuing number plates to series runners.

Number plate collection

Competitors who entered Race 1 (or the series) BEFORE 8:00am Friday 1 June will receive their event number plate in the post before the event. If you are going to be away from home or if you have not received it in the post by Thursday 13th June then please call the Rapid Ascent office on 03 5261 5511.

Competitors who enter Race 1 (or the series) AFTER 8:00am Friday 31 May must collect their event number plate from Registration on race morning.
Once you have received your number plate (either via post or collection) you do not need to ‘report in’ or register at the event venue on race morning, just warm up, arrive at the start line ready to race!



We strongly encourage all runners NOT TO WEAR HEADPHONES or listen to music whilst running in the Trail Running Series events. This is primarily for your safety, so that runners wishing to overtake on a narrow section of track can communicate with you and advise where/how they’d like to pass without causing a crash. The courses also pass through some magnificent eucalypt bush land filled with birds and other wildlife that is all part of the trail running experience and if you’re pounding away to music you can’t hear that either!


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