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At The Trail Running Series, a large emphasis is placed on simply enjoying your trail run and the community of like-minded people you’re running alongside. So there are plenty of competitions and spot prizes to be won in the lead up to and on each race day. We encourage you to be part of it.

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Strike a Pose – a #TrailPose - and add to the fun!

Join the fun of our new social media competition and share a #trailpose

Put a runner on the trail and the happy exuberance bursts out – so strike a pose on your next run and share it with the #trailpose tag and you could win a new pair of NORTH FACE SHOES!
Your pose can be anything - leaping for joy, posing as kangaroos, warm up lunges or being a gangster… its your style and it's all in good fun as you create your own #trailpose. 


The Trail Running Series STICKERS - can you complete the set?

Trail Running Series stickers

All runners will receive a FINSHER'S STICKER at the finish line of each race. Stick them on your car to show everyone you're a trail runner and at each race we will be roaming the car park and selecting random winner(s) with spot prizes at presentations!

Plus, collect the entire sticker set to complete the picture and show your passion for trails. The more races you do, the more chances to win! And don't forget to stick them on your car for easy spotting!

VIP Group Experience

Part of a running club, group or pack? Enter your group name in the online entry process for your chance to WIN a VIP Group Experience. One lucky group will be drawn prior to each race and will win  VIP access on race day! The VIP area includes air lounges, a tasty hamper of post race food to consume there and then, drinks and a free massage.

Minimum of 5 per group to be eligible.

The HIIT Factory Home Straight

The HIIT Factory Home Straight is a short timed section of each course that leads into the finish line. Being just ~100m long we encourage you to crank up the legs and ‘sprint’ as fast as you can for a speedy finish whilst the crowd cheers you home!! Your HIIT Factory Home Straight times will be published in the results and we’ll award a small prize to the fastest (and funniest!) to add to the fun!

Spot prizes

Stick around for presentations after your race as we’ll be awarding spot prizes for a range of things such as: good sportsmanship, entertaining finishes, interesting race outfits, etc.

Social Media

All new competitions will be announced and shared on Rapid Ascent's social media channels so make sure you follow us! 

The Trail Running Series presented by The North Face
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