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Welcome to the Surf Coast Century


Imagine running at the foot of some of Australia's tallest coastal cliffs, while the low tide of the Southern Ocean laps the sand at your feet. Ahead lies a magical 100km and 50km trail run journey along Victoria's surf coast and wildflower hinterland. This is a unique run with a promise that no two steps will be the same... and we welcome you to be part of it.

In a snapshot


  • 100km solo ultra marathon
  • 50km solo ultra marathon (new course in 2017)
  • 100km relay for teams of 2, 3 or 4

DATE: Saturday 9 September 2017
LOCATION: Start/Finish in Anglesea, Victoria, on the Great Ocean Road
ENTRIES: Entries will open in late February 2017
WHO: Australia's elite runners through to those tackling their first ultra marathon - all welcome.

"The race has an amazing atmosphere, from running along the beach as dawn breaks, supportive crowds along the way, spectacular scenery to enjoy and the wonderful camaraderie of the competitors." Caroline 2016 competitor


The course

If the course can be summarised in two words they would be 'spectacular’ and 'diverse'. There's clifftop trails providing endless ocean views, there's single track that weaves through the hinterland bush, there's wild flowers, waterfalls, lighthouses, beaches and a whole range of other jaw-dropping landscapes that you'll race through as part of this incredible event.

We have stopped at nothing to secure the best possible course for this race and being in our own backyard we’ve included all the secret spots that few people know about… This is a course that provides plenty of variety to keep you interested and excited, easy access for spectators and support crews, and extensive on-course support and assistance.

We are also very excited to be running a new course for the 50km race in 2017, doing the '2nd half of the 100km course.


Do it solo or in a relay team


This course may be completed by individuals and relay teams so that just about anyone can be a part of the action:

  • Individuals: one person completing the full 100km
  • Relay teams of 2: two people who share the legs between them, interchanging only at the designated transition areas. Each runner may do consecutive legs, or break it up and do alternate legs and then hand over to their team mate who does a leg who then hands back and so forth.
  • Relay teams of up to 4: this may be four people who each do one leg, or a team of 3 where one person does 2 legs and the others do 1 leg each.



Individual runners only (no relay teams for the 50km). We are running with a new course for the 50km Half Century in 2017 where you will run the second half of the 100km course, over the famed Leg 3 and Leg 4!


"The perfect first 100... It's impossible to know how you will go but the atmosphere, the beach and trails around the Otways will pull you through for a successful day. The ability for my support crew and dog to see me every 10km or so was such a help on an emotional level! I'm doing this race again next year!" Electra 2016 competitor


Kids Run (1.9km)

We also conduct a 1.9km run around the Anglesea River for kids on Sunday morning (previously held on Friday evening). Well over 100+ enthusiastic kids take part in this spectacle event that gives our junior runners aged up to ~10years the chance have a go. Click here for more details – GO KIDS!

Ideal event for first timers

The Surf Coast Century is recognised as the ideal event for someone tackling their first ultra marathon and we take pleasure in providing a whole range of information and resources to help you get started, such as:

  • Training programs and free advice from a highly regarded coach
  • A free information night in Melbourne prior to the event
  • Free guided training runs over the entire course in the lead up to the race
  • Blog stories and testimonials from other ultra-new-comers to provide you with plenty of inspiration and encouragement
  • Gear advice and some fun FAQ’s to help answer all those ‘how do I’ questions.
  • Monthly blog updates from someone else who's also training for their first ultra marathon so you can follow along together

Check out our ‘First Timers’ page for all the information.


UTMB qualifying race

The Surf Coast Century individual race is registered with the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) as official qualifying races for the UTMB and other large international races with the following values:

100km solo

  • ITRA rating: 4 Endurance Points, 2 Mountain Points and Finisher Rating of 280.
  • UTMB points: 4 Points (new system).

50km solo

  • ITRA rating: 2 Endurance Points, 2 Mountain Points and Finisher Rating of 350.
  • UTMB points: 2 Points (new system).

For further information on what the ITRA points mean click here and for more information on the UTMB (Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc) click here.


In the words of past competitors

"The event really showcased the picturesque and uniquely Australian coastline. I can see the event gaining a lot of popularity in the coming years due to this, and the fact that the course has so much single track (which we all know is a trail runner’s favourite kind of track!)" Ben Duffus - 2013 Overall Male Winner

“I had a ball down there at Anglesea. I loved the event and the people. The event was superbly organised and seamlessly delivered,” Brendan Davies - 2012 and 2016 Australian Male Ultra Runner of the Year and 2014 joint winner

"What an unbelievably amazing day. I loved the run - the beach at sunrise and the magnificent cliffs, the wild flowers in the forest, the gorgeous views, but most of all the friendly and supportive people on the run and on the sides encouraging us." - Vicky Williamson (100km Solo - Auckland, NZ)

“I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing experience at the Surf Coast Century! I was the very last runner to cross the finish line at 1:30 am, and it was just a great event! It was my first 100 km race and I really enjoyed it. I loved the running, the landscape, the athmosphere... just everything about it! Thank you for putting up a great event!” Anna (100km Solo runner)

“I’ve had the time of my life today. From the sunrise while running along the beach, to having my supportive family here at the finish line and the volunteers at the aid stations around the course, everything has been fantastic.” – Andrew McDougall (50km Solo)

Coverage of the 2014 Surf Coast Century

Highlights reel

Check out this truly beautiful video documenting the 2015 Surf Coast Century journey, compiled by Adventure Types. 

For those who haven't been to the event, this will provide a great insight into what it's all about. Enjoy!



And here is another beautiful documentary made in 2014 by Norm Douglas that really captures some of the people and personalities behind the event.



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