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The Surf Coast Century starts and finishes at the pleasant little seaside town of Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, approximately 1.5hrs drive from Melbourne.

The following information details some of the specific arrangements over race weekend so you know how it works. 

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Event centre at Anglesea Lions Park*

Anglesea Lions Park will host the event centre for the Surf Coast Century with the following services, facilities and activities:

  • START and FINISH line for all races - 100km, 50km and kids' run
  • Mid-way point for the 100km course and Check Point 4 (CP4) with associated services (eg, race kitchen and bag drop off)
  • Race Registration and Information marquee
  • Event Expo with extensive displays by our event sponsors and exhibitors (Friday night through to Sunday)
  • Massage and athlete recovery centre by Torquay Sports Medicine Centre
  • Event bar - stocked with tasty beers from the Forrest Brewery
  • Food and coffee from a range of providers
  • Jumping castle and activities for kids
  • Medical assistance station
  • Music and commentary on the race finish (on Saturday afternoon and Sunday).

This is also the start and finish of the Trail Running Series events on Sunday 16th September.

Anglesea Township Map

Click Here for Anglesea Township Map, including Parking, Start & Event Centre locations

Race start - 100km

7:30am, Saturday 21st September 2019 on the Anglesea Main Beach.

The race will commence with a mass start with all solo and team 100km runners starting together at the same time. NOTE: Sunrise is set for 6:23am so all runners will NOT need a torch for this section as per 2017.



Race start - 50km

11:50am, Saturday 21st September 2019 on the Anglesea Main Beach.

The 50km race (individuals only) will commence with a mass start at 11:50am from the beach before heading out over ‘the back 50km’ of the 100km course.


Run Start - kids' run 2.5km

11:30am Sunday 22nd September, at the Anglesea Lions Park (near Competitor Registration). All kids will start together - it is a RUN, not a race.


"Jumped straight to the top of favourite trail race! First 50km ultra! So organised, well marked, fantastic trails of dirt, rocks, beach, hills & river crossings! Fantastic rockstar volunteers supporting you all the way! Loved every minute." Michelle (2017 competitor)


Competitor registration (race pack collection) and briefing - 100km & 50km

Friday 20th September

  • 3:00pm – 8:00pm, in the expo area at the Anglesea Lions Park.

At registration all competitors will receive:

  • Race number plate
  • Event t-shirt – a technical running shirt with customised event print (seperate 100km and 50km t-shirts)
  • Bag tags
  • other event information and sponsor give aways

Nb. All competitors must attend registration to collect packs; packs are not posted out prior to the event.

Competitor Briefing - Friday 20th September

There will be one competitor briefing for all runners - solo runners and team runner information. The briefing will be conducted in the expo area at the Anglesea Lions Park and we encourage all 100km and 50km runners (especially solo runners) to attend.

  • 6:00pm Elite Athlete Q & A session - all welcome
  • 6.30pm Friday - 50k and 100k Solo Runners


Kids Registration 

Sunday 22nd September

10:00am - 11:20am in the expo area at the Anglesea Lions Park.

Kids will receive:

  • Number plate (to pin to their t-shirt)
  • Finisher ribbon
  • Fruit at finish


We understand that the challenge of competing in the 100km and 50km Surf Coast Century is hard enough without having to juggle difficult logistics and event requirements on the day. As such, we will be providing the following services to competitors to help make your run as enjoyable, and straight forward as possible.

Bag Transport

We will transport a bag (that may have spare clothing, personal nutrition, supplies...) for competitors from Anglesea registration to each of the check points and back again.

Bags will be transported from registration in Anglesea to:

  • CP2 – the 21km point at Point Danger, Torquay
  • CP4 – the 49km point at the Anglesea Lions Park (note – you can also drop these off yourself as CP4 is immediately adjacent to the expo)
  • CP6 – the 77km point at the Moggs Creek picnic ground.

Support crews / team mates can also take bags to any of the checkpoints CP1 - CP7 and can give them to runners directly.


On course nutrition and hydration

Food and drinks will be available at each of the following checkpoints (CPs) on the 100km and 50km courses:

  • CP1 - 10km Point Addis car park – Intermediary race point
  • CP2 - 21km at Point Danger at Torquay – Race kitchen
  • CP3 - 32km Ironbark Basin picnic area – Intermediary race point
  • CP3A - 40km Hurst Road end. Unmanned water point only.
  • CP4 - 49km at Anglesea Lions Park – Race kitchen
  • CP4A - 60km at the junction of Loves Track and the Distillery Creek Road. Unmanned water point only.
  • CP5 - 70km Distillery Creek Picnic Ground – Intermediary race kitchen
  • CP6 - 77km at Moggs Creek Picnic Ground – Race kitchen
  • CP7 - 86km Aireys Inlet Skate Park – Intermediary race kitchen.

All competitors, both relay teams and individuals are welcome to access all food at the CPs. As indicated above, there will be 2 different levels of catering for runners out on the course:

Race food will be equally available to 50km runners and 100km runners.


"This is still my favourite ultra and such a great one for first timers."  Andy (2017 Competitor)


Race Kitchens

Race Kitchens will be set up at the end of each leg and provide a more substantial range of foods and drinks. The Race Kitchens will have a range of hot and cold meals and snacks available in small, easy to eat-on-the-move portions that include foods such as:

  • Sandwiches – sweet and savoury
  • Bananas
  • Fruit cake and/or honey and oat slice
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Savoy biscuits (salty)
  • Snakes and lollies
  • Hammer Energy Gels (1 per person please)
  • Hammer electrolyte sports drink and water. Both will be in drums for you to refill your own containers
  • Risotto (CP4 and 6 only)
  • Veggie and noodle soup (CP4 and 6 only)
  • Two minute noodles (CP4 and 6 only)
  • Cans of Red Bull (CP5, 6 and 7 only)
  • Hot water and cups so you can make your own tea and instant coffee (CP4 and 6 only)

Race Kitchens will be set up at the following points:

  • CP2 - 21km at Point Danger at Torquay
  • CP4 - 49km at Anglesea Lions Park
  •  CP6 - 77km at Moggs Creek Picnic Ground

Support crews and team mates can take hydration / nutrition and other items to any of the CPs   and can provide outside assistance within the fenced off confines of the checkpoint only (such as help change shoes, water refills...).

INtermediary Race Kitchens

Intermediary race kitchens will be set up roughly half way along each leg of the legs and provide an intermediary refuel location when you need it most with the following items:

  • Sandwiches – sweet and savoury
  • Bananas
  • Fruit cake and/or honey and oat slice
  • Snakes and lollies
  • Hammer Nutrition electrolyte sports drink and water. Both will be in drums for you to refill your own containers
  • Cans of Red Bull (CP5, 6 and 7 only)

Intermediary race kitchens will be set up at:

  • CP1 - 10km Point Addis car park
  • CP3 - 32km Ironbark Basin picnic area
  • CP5 - 70km Distillery Creek picnic ground
  • CP7 - 86km Aireys Inlet skate park


Designated support areas

Competitors may only receive external assistance from support crew and/or team mates within the confines of the Check Point fencing at any of the Checkpoints CP1 - CP7.

Any runners seen to be receiving any external support outside of the checkpoints will be given a 30 minute penalty - this includes collecting water bottles or other hydration or nutrition from spectators as well as items that have been ‘pre-placed’ on the course for collection during the race. This will be strongly enforced.  



Share your achievement with family and friends on social media with your very own personalized finisher selfie, complete with your overall event finish time!


  • Go into the Surf Coast Century APP
    • This should already have been downloaded prior to the event as it serves as the official event program, athlete tracking, results plus more!
    • A reminder that you will find this APP under “RUN NZ & AU” in your mobile phone’s APP store.
  • Select your name from the “Athlete List” within the Surf Coast Century APP.
  • Swipe to the RIGHT
  • Click ‘yes’ to camera access
  • Snap your pic!
  • And there you have it – your finish photo complete with finish time, to share on social media. Congratulations!


Elite Athlete Q & A

When: 6:00pm Friday 20th September
Where: In the expo at the Anglesea Lions Park

Immediately before the competitor briefing at we will conduct a Question and Answer session with some of the elite 100km runners participating in this year’s event.

Topics to be covered include their training programs, nutrition strategies and ambitions for the year and it should make for some interesting listening as these are some of the best runners in Australia.

Race presentations 9:00am SUNDAY

Presentations for the Surf Coast Century will be made at the race finish line in the Anglesea Lions Park at 9:00am on Sunday morning. These presentations will be conducted immediately after the presentations for Race #4 Trail Running Series and provide an opportunity for all runners of all abilities to unite and celebrate their trail running success.

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