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We recognise and respect the commitment and ability of all runners so will appoint 3 different event ambassadors who we believe encapsulate the different aspects of the Surf Coast Century. They are here to inspire and help you to be part of the Surf Coast Century and your own running journey.

2017 Event Ambassadors:

Ambassador Profiles


We are very excited to appoint Kellie Emmerson as a new Elite Ambassador for the 2017 Surf Coast Century.

Kellie is a running phenomenon and has won the 100km Surf Coast Century for the last 3 years in a row - 2014, 2015 and 2016 – breaking her own course record each time! She has been on the Australian team for the last 2 Trail Running World Championships, stood on the podium of many major races and is a popular runner on the local ultra scene.

But more impressive than her successes is her attitude… Kellie is one of the happiest and most un-assuming runners you’ll ever meet who’s more than happy to pass on her experience and  encourage others to join her on the trails.

Kellie will be preparing a range of blogs, tips and social media conversations over coming months to help get you to the start / and the finish line of the 2017 Surf Coast Century. Kellie can also be approached about coaching if you want to work with someone who knows their stuff: kellie@upcoaching.com.au 


Known as 'The Running Man', David has been competing at an elite level for over 27 years. In earlier years David raced in National Track, Road and Cross Country events and even conquered the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon before ‘finding his calling’ to ultra marathons in 2006. Since then he has raced ultras all over the World before being recognised as the Australian Male Ultra Runner of the Year in 2011 and in 2014 won the Surf Coast Century jointly with Brendon Davies.

Nikki has dominated the Australian domestic ultra running scene over the last 6 years. She was the 2011 Australian Female Ultra Runner of the Year and in 2015 won the prestigious 'Badwater 135' (217km) Ultra Marathon through Death Valley in America, finishing 4th outright and posting the second fastest female time ever.

Both David and Nikki are available as coaching resources for runners in the Surf Coast Century. Contact them via scc@therunningman.com.au to ask for FREE basic training advice and pointers. See below for more details on the assistance they can provide.

Emmeline Fisher - our Trail Running Rookie Ambassador

Emmeline Fisher is our 2017 Trail Running Rookie Ambassador and will be sharing her story with us as she prepares for her first 100km ultra marathon at the Surf Coast Century. Em is a mother of 2 primary and 2 teen aged kids and is a part time fitness instructor who has found the inspiration to run her first ultra with us after ticking off 10x road marathons. She’s excited, she’s nervous and she’s determined – so follow her journey as she prepares for the race.

Emmeline will post a monthly blog to the ‘First Timers’ page that explains what she’s doing, how she’s feeling and what she’s learnt along the way to help inspire us all with our own goals.

Here is a brief Bio about Em and what's motivates her to run.



The Running Man: David and Nikki are the people behind 'The Running Man’ website, providing training programs and advice for runners.They have also written some great training programs and training tips that are available for FREE from the First Timers page

David and Nikki are also happy to share their knowledge and expertise with anyone considering the Surf Coast Century and are an INCREDIBLE RESOURCE for runners and are honestly available for you to contact with your questions.

They can be contacted with questions ranging from how do I start training through to how to avoid injury, what types of training quantities and distances you should be running and other basic info.

They can also provide customised training programs and techniques to improve your running even further but these additional services may be for a paid fee. Either way, if you want some solid advice from a couple of experts on the trails then ask The Running Man to start the ball rolling and email: scc@therunningman.com.au

Kellie Emmerson can also be approached to prepare a customised training program for you - contact her direct on: kellie@upcoaching.com.au 







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