Corporate Cup

Corporate Cup

Okay, we all know that exercise is good for you and leads to better productivity at work, less stress and a happy life. And we all know that a well-working team is worth it's weight in gold.

So we are including two Corporate Cup categories so businesses can enter teams and reap the rewards of a fit and healthy workplace full of motivated runners!

The two Corporate Cup categories are:

  • 100km Relay Team of 4 - with all team members being from the one organisation.
  • Kilometre Kings – being the total kilometres run by employees from the one organisation.

There's no extra cost for teams or individuals to enter either of these categories and all runners will still be eligible for all other categories they qualify for (eg. age groups for individuals and gender teams categories), you just need select the ‘Corporate Cup’ box in the entry system and put in the name of your organisation when entering. We compile the results as a separate category and will present a magnificent, reception desk worthy trophy to the winning businesses!!

Note: Kilometre Kings category: Kilometres will only be added together from 100km solo, 50km solo and 100km relay teams of 4 categories where all runners in the team are from the one business. So if you are a team of 4 where 1 person is from outside your organisation, or if you are in a relay team of 2 then these kilometres will not be counted.

It might be worth touching base with your work social club or the HR department to see if your business will sponsor your team entry fee! If you need help selling the benefits to your boss, just let us know and we'll help pitch the idea - phone 03 5261 5511 or email - and we’re happy to provide a receipt for your entry fee so they can claim it back on their taxation.

So get your work colleagues involved and enjoy some training and racing discussions around the meeting room table!

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