Branded Otway Odyssey gear

Look the part in the Otway Odyssey event gear.

Giant Odyssey 2016 event t-shirt

Event T-shirt

Event t-shirts will soon be available to pre-purchase here.

Orders close at 8:00am Monday 6th February 2017 with limited stock available for purchase on the event day. Pre-ordered t-shirts will be available for collection at race registration.

2017 design coming soon!

Event Jersey

2017 Otway Odyssey Jerseys will soon be available to pre-purchase here.

Orders recieved prior to 8:00am Friday 20th December 2016 will be available for collection at the event.

Orders received after 8:00am Friday 20th December 2016 will be sent out 6 weeks after the event.

Other merchandise

Other Otway Odyssey branded gear available includes:

  • Odyssey Truckers Cap - $20

Online merchandise orders close 8:00am Monday 6th February 2017. Your items will then be available for collection at Race Registration.



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