Female Ambassadors

2019 Odyssey Angels Ambassadors


Meet Candice Presilski, our original Odyssey Angels ROOKIE Ambassador - back for 2019!

Candice was our 2018 ‘Rookie’ ambassador, competing in the 30km Otway Odyssey as her very first race (and us following her each step of the way). And even though she still had race nerves on the day, Candice said that being surrounded by such positive attitudes helped keep them in check.

"I absolutely loved racing the 30km (in 2018); I think for a first-time race it is perfect. You can make it as competitive as you like but still have a tonne of fun. All the girls were very supportive and encouraging - all the fears I had  were soon squashed!"

Learn more about Candice and how her love of the trails has grown since giving racing a go:




Meet Malory Thomson, one of our 2019 Odyssey Angels Ambassadors!

Malory has been mountain bike riding for three years and is a mother of four kids. Malory competed in the 50km Otway Odyssey in 2018, and upon finishing declared it was the 100km for 2019!

Having mastered the art of training on the smart-trainer when the kids are asleep; Malory also manages to get out riding on the trails and racing, most recently in XC and Gravity Enduro events.

"I picked up a mountain bike at a garage sale for $50. I took it out to the Youyangs for a ride and now the rest is history!"

"XC riding is the perfect outlet... Being able to push myself to ride longer or further or faster than I ever thought I was capable gives me a different kind of rush to the gravity (enduro) stuff... Mountain biking. It's all addictive."

Learn more about our Angel Ambassador, including how she balances work, kids and training/racing; and be inspired by her LOVE of riding:


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