Categories and Prizes

Falls Creek Mountain Raid Trail Run Categories and Prizes

Trail Run - Entry Categories

The following categories will be recognised in each of the Trail Run events*:

  • Under 20 Male and Female
  • 20-39yrs Male and Female
  • 40-49yrs Male and Female
  • 50-59yrs Male and Female
  • 60+yrs Male and Female

*Categories will be determined by your age on race day.

Trail Run - Race Prizes and Awards

A medal / prize will be presented to 1st place in each category listed above*.

King and Queen of the Trails

Falls Creek Mountain Raid Trail Runs

An aggregate points score based on overall placings will be calculated for runners who compete The Alpine Ash Run, The Summit Sprint and The Heathy Spur Run. eg. Runner A records overall a 1st place, a 5th place and a 3rd place in the three runs. His points tally would be 9 points.

In the situation of two competitors having equal points the winner will be decided by whoever records the higher placing in The Heathy Spur Run.

First place overall male and female (irrespective of age) in this aggregate will be presented with an award for being King and Queen of the Trails.

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