Support Crews

Adventure Race Support Crews

NEW in 2016: you have the option to compete in the event with or without your own support crew.

If you have a support crew that is fine, but if you do not have one then we will be your support crew!

Bringing your own support crew

If you are providing your own support crew then one person will be sufficient provided they have a car that can carry mountain bikes and associated equipment but it might be easier with two people and two cars.

Support crews have a lot of fun and truly get involved with the spirit of the event by following the teams without having to do the work! And the travel logistics from one transition area to the next for this race are super easy!

Need a support crew?


Teams can also compete without a support crew with race organizers Rapid Ascent filling the role. We will move your equipment from one TA to the next, including bikes and kayaks if required, and then you find your gear and service yourselves.

  • Teams will be required to have all transition gear in 2 large plastic tubs clearly labelled with team members name and race number. Tubs should be identified as Box A and Box B.
  • Maximum size for each box should be no larger than: 80 litres, no bigger than 60cm x 40cm x 40cm and no heavier than 20kg each.
  • Instructions will be given for what gear to place in each box
  • Bikes transported during the race will moved as complete bikes on bike trailers – bike boxes are not required

Fees for Rapid Ascent to provide you with support crew assistance during the race:

  • Team of 2 for 1 day race - $50
  • Team of 4 for 1 day race- $75
  • Team of 2 for 2 day race - $100
  • Team of 4 for 2 day race - $150

Please contact Claire on [email protected] by Friday 5th February if you need support crew assistance.


Falls Creek Mountain Raid Adventure Race


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