Course Description and Maps

Adventure Race Course Description and Maps

The Falls Creek Mountain Raid – Adventure Race format makes it challenging yet attainable for a variety of adventure types ranging from your Bear Grylls’ adventure seekers through to weekend warriors and newcomers giving it a go for the first time.

LONG course and SHORT course races are available, over one or two days, so you can tackle a challenge that suits your ability. In fact the adventure race can be entered in either of the following configurations:

  • 1 day (Saturday) short course team of 2 *
  • 1 day (Saturday) long course team of 2
  • 1 day (Saturday) short course team of 4 *
  • 1 day (Saturday) long course team of 4
  • 2 day long course team of 2
  • 2 day short course team of 2*
  • 2 day long course team of 4
  • 2 day short course team of 4*

* Boats and paddling gear provided

Adventure Race format

  • Teams of 2 or 4 people who complete the whole course together (this is not a relay). Teams of 2 is a NEW CATEGORY for 2016!
  • 2 days of racing with long course teams completing 8-10hrs of action on Saturday then another 6-8hrs on Sunday, whilst short course racers will be out there 5-7hrs on Saturday and 4-6hrs on Sunday.
  • 1 day racing (Saturday only) long course teams completing 8-10hrs of action; short course races will be out there 5-7hrs
  • Disciplines: trail running, mountain biking, lake kayaking and other off-road surprises where you navigate from one transition area to the next, collecting as many check points along the way as you can
  • Each discipline will provide 30mins - 2hrs of action before you change to the next discipline with no single leg being too epically long
  • The course is kept secret from competitors until the night before and teams navigate from one transition area to the next, collecting as many mandatory and optional check points along the way as you can
  • Each team must provide their own equipment, and must source their own accommodation over race weekend.
  • The event is designed for intermediate level athletes (long course) and beginner level athletes (short course) and for those who want to experience a real adventure!
  • Support crews are optional for 2016 - if you do have a support crew then that's great - they are most welcome but if you cannot source a support crew then we can move your equipment on your behalf (additional costs involved).

The course

The Adventure Race course will take teams to a spectacular array of alpine landmarks and terrain features, providing a terrific journey across the Falls Creek Alpine resort and surrounding Bogong High Plains as you ‘Raid the Mountain’.

The exact course is kept secret from competitors until the race briefing on Friday night before the event where we will provide you with course maps, handbooks and all the information you need to navigate yourself around the pre-designated checkpoints in the selected disciplines. Either way you will be lead on an adventure.
Navigate - what is that? Yes, teams use the maps provided and some good old common sense to find your way from checkpoint to checkpoint . More details below.

Long Course v's Short Course

In order to involve as many people as possible in the exciting diversity of Adventure Racing, both LONG COURSE and SHORT COURSE options are available.

LONG COURSE: long course competitors will cover a greater distance being more or less twice the length of the shorter option. The long course will involve more mountains, more single track and slightly harder navigation including some ‘cross-country’ and will lead teams on a very rewarding journey through the landscape. Teams must bring their own equipment – although kayaks are available for rent. Refer to the Equipment page.

SHORT COURSE: the short course by comparison, will be a bit easier and is designed for newcomers and our younger racers so you can still experience the thrills and satisfaction of racing off road. The short course will include the same disciplines as the long, but courses will be shorter, hills not so steep and will not involve any ‘cross-country’ navigation.

Kayaks and all paddling gear are provided as part of your entry fee for all short course teams, but you must bring your own mountain bikes. Refer to the Equipment page.


The range of disciplines will give teams plenty of variety and something to look forward to during the race, whilst not being too diverse that you need to buy excessive amounts of equipment.

Please note:

  • The distances listed below are approximate and are the total in each discipline over both days of racing (approx half this for one day racing)
  • These figures should only be used as a guide for what to expect and to help your team prepare for the event.
  • Long course teams can expect at least 10 different stages across the weekend (5-6 different stages for one-day).
  • Short course teams can expect at least 7 different stages across the weekend (3-4 different stages for one-day).
  • Expect to cover most disciplines more than once during each day of competition.

Runners Kitchen Running / Trekking

  • Long course: ~30-40KM (2 days), ~15-20KM (1 day)
  • Short course: ~10-20KM (2 days), ~5-12KM (1 day)

Point to point running, orienteering, rogaining and rock hopping are all components of the race. The majority of running will be on existing tracks and trails – but then there may also be short cuts available if long course teams venture cross-country (it’s up to you?!).

Mountain Biking

  • Long course: ~40-60km (2 days), ~20-35KM (1 day)
  • Short course: ~20-30km (2 days), ~10-15KM (1 day)

Riding as a team on mountain bikes on (plenty of) single track, 4WD tracks and some 2WD roads. Mountain bikes are certainly required (not road or hybrid bikes).


  • Long course: ~15-20km (2 days), ~7-10KM (1 day)
  • Short course: ~10-15km (2 days), ~5-10KM (1 day)

Paddling with 2 or 4 people means long course teams can either paddle doubles or singles.

Short course teams will be provided with 1 or 2 plastic double kayaks along with paddles and PFDs for you to use.

Paddling will be on Rocky Valley Pondage plus or minus some other secret waterways (who knows?!). Long Course teams can paddle anything from surf skis with under stern rudders through to sea kayaks and canoes. If long course teams need a boat for the event then we have an exclusive arrangement in place with Peak Adventure who can rent boats out to those who need them. See the Equipment page for more details.

+ Other surprise adventures / activities

Being an adventure race means you also just never quite know what is around the corner and with a canvas like the Falls Creek Alpine Area there is no shortage of fun adventure and activity options. Train like a scout and ‘be prepared’ for a little of anything as well.

Navigating and Orienteering

The course is completely unmarked and while you don't need to be a human compass to compete, it will help to have someone in the team who is confident navigating more than just Google maps on your phone!

The race will involve relatively straight forward navigation (with the odd challenge) but will also include a number of optional checkpoints worth additional time credits that will provide greater strategy alternatives and something for capable navigators to sink their teeth into.

We strongly recommend long course teams practice some navigation before the race as a fast team is only a winning team if it’s heading in the right direction. The best way to get some practice is to go and do one of the many rogaines or orienteering events that are organised around the state. See the Training and Preparation page for more details. 

Short course teams would also benefit from being able to read a map and understand what is up and down when looking at contour lines. Your navigation will be easier and all be along tracks, paths and roads.

We'll be hosting a navigational tutorial on the Friday night (12th February) for last minute skill tuning and advice before you race.

Course maps

Example course map

The map below shows the course area and some of terrain over which the race will be held - click to enlarge.

Falls Creek Mountain Raid Advenutre Race map example

Specific race maps

Far more detailed topographic and other maps along with course notes and instructions will be provided to all teams at the race briefing on Friday 12th February. So we can’t tell you any more until then!


Falls Creek Mountain Raid Adventure Race

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