Training and Preparation

How to prepare for a mountain raid

Adventure Race training advice

Rough it up

Training programs are very individual but we would recommend definitely doing some long slow steady stuff in rough bush terrain. Speed will be a factor in this race but endurance and mental toughness will be too, along with good skill levels across all disciplines.

Test your equipment

Whilst training, make sure you test all the equipment you intend using during the race. There is no point saving your new bike nix for the race only to find they are too tight and rub in the wrong spots!

Likewise your boat – if you are using someone else's boat, try and get out in it at least a couple of times before the race, fit it out with foam where you need to make it comfortable and fix any holes or leaks they forgot to tell you about.

Navigation training

Navigation is not that hard... if you can use a Melway and GoogleMaps, and have a bit of common sense then you can navigate your way around these adventure race courses.

The best way to practise is get out to one of Orienteering Victoria’s events...

Orienteering Victoria:

If you have specific questions about Navigation, you’re more than website to call the Rapid Ascent office on 03 5261 5511 and we'd be only too happy to give you some tips and pointers.

Trail Running training advice 

Trail running puts different demands on your body compared to road running. Surprisingly, it can actually be less wearing on muscles and joints.

As with any form of running, cardio vascular training is important. You should be able to comfortably cover the distance you plan to race.

Importantly, if you’ve only ever run on road, shift at least some of your running to the trail. Get used to different trails, different environments. You’ll be surprised at how much more tiring it can be, as your body moves over the terrain with much more variance than road running.

We have considerable information on how to train for trail running on the Salomon Trail Running Series website HERE that we recommend you read if you want to know more.

Kayaking training advice 

The single biggest deterrent for want-to-be adventure racers is their fear or lack of confidence and experience in kayaking. This is an understandable feeling for athletes who are proficient at running and riding but have little or no experience in kayaking.

We have put together some kayak training and logistical tips to help you get to your first multi-sport/adventure race event which involves paddling, with some confidence and experience...

Kayak Training Advice

We'd also recommend getting along to a skills clinic such as the ones provided by Peak Adventure

Falls Creek Mountain Raid kayak leg

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