Equipment & Safety

Equipment and safety for the Falls Creek Mountain Raid

Adventure Race equipment

The compulsory equipment list below is a bare minimum and in many cases you may wish to take additional items. It is YOUR team’s responsibility to carry the items you think you might want/need on each leg. All equipment brought in to a stage must be brought out. You are not allowed to leave any equipment, waste/rubbish out on the race course.

The mandatory items listed below form part of the race rules. Any team found NOT to be carrying a piece of compulsory or mandatory equipment will incur a 30min time penalty per item, per person.

Items for all legs

Compulsory items to be carried by each competitor at all times:

  • Race bib – as the outermost garment over all clothing at all times (Race bib provided at Registration)
  • Rain jacket - Goretex or another waterproof / breathable fabric recommended
  • Lightweight fleece or thermal top (must be long sleeve)
  • Head-torch
  • Safety blanket
  • Whistle

Compulsory items must be carried by each team at all times:

  • First Aid Kit consisting at a minimum:
    • 2 x stretch bandages
    • 4 x wound dressings 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm
    • Paracetamol tablets x 12
    • 6 x butterfly wound closures
    • Surgical gloves
  • Mobile phone – preferably Telstra network (to be turned off at all times unless in an emergency)

Recommended equipment:

  • Compass – 1 per team of 2, 2 per team of 4
  • Map case
  • Contact to waterproof maps
  • Coloured pens, pencils etc to mark up your maps

Running legs

Compulsory run equipment (for each competitor):

  • Personal hydration device

Recommended run equipment:

  • Additional thermal clothing if it's cold / wet
  • 2nd pair of running shoes for when there are 2 run legs and shoes may be wet
  • Towing device (bungee cord or similar)

Mountain bike

Compulsory mountain bike equipment (for each competitor):

  • Certified Bike Helmet to Aust/NZ/US standard
  • Mountain bike (no tandem bikes, no road bikes or hybrids)

For MTB legs after dark:

  • Head torch and/or bike lights
  • Rear light (red)

Recommended mountain biking equipment:

  • Additional thermal clothing if it is cold / wet
  • Map board for navigation on the move
  • Tools, pump, tube etc to effect own repairs
  • Towing device (bungee cord or similar)
  •  Bike gloves

Paddling legs

Compulsory paddling equipment

Long Course teams must supply their own boats. If you need a boat we can help source them through Peak Adventure – see notes below.

Short Course teams will be provided with 1 or 2 plastic double sit on tops and a paddle and buoyancy vest as part of your entry fee.

For each competitor:

  • PFD (Personal Flotation Device) – this is provided for Short Course competitors
  • A paddle – this is provided for Short Course competitors

For each boat:

  • Pump if using a decked in kayak
  • Quality spray skirt if using a decked in kayak

Recommended paddling equipment

  • Paddling jacket or waterproof
  • Variety of paddling clothing suitable for all conditions
  • Personal hydration device

Lights - for night racing / navigation

Some teams could potentially be riding, running or paddling at night while others may not have to do so depending on your speed and ability. Pack bright lights (eg MTB lights) if you think this might apply to you or at the very least ensure you bring a very good head torch and additional batteries. It is your team’s responsibility to ensure you have adequate lighting at all times during the race.

Other recommended essentials

A suggested list of little extras you may want to carry with you as well:

  • Carbohydrate-rich race food
  • Sports tape
  • Sunnies and hat
  • The MacGyver kit - a few simple supplies that can fix everything but a broken heart, like zip ties, gaffa tape and a leatherman
  • Good humour, patience and a mental note to remind your support crew they're more than just a pretty face!

Rental boats through Peak Adventure

Peak Adventure is a kayaking coaching / training / hiring business based in Melbourne, led by champion adventure racer Jarad Kohlar and partner Emma Francis. They have a mighty big shed full of over 100 boats and surf skis available to rent to competitors needing a boat, paddle and/or PFD.

They will transport your boat to the race, from transition area to transition area (so you won’t even need a car with roof racks…) and will help you with the whole kayaking thing. They have a massive range of boats available but as an example, can provide competitors with a FENN XT ocean racing ski with paddle and PFD for $250 for the weekend.

We encourage you to visit their website here: and contact them on [email protected] or 03 9391 3647 for more details.

Fire Safety and Extreme Weather

We are in constant communication with Falls Creek Resort Management (FCRM), Parks Victoria (PV) and the CFA about the prospect of a fire and / or extreme weather in the region of the event. We have made a commitment not to compromise the safety of any competitors, any FCRM, CFA, PV or DSE personnel dispatched to attend a fire or weather incident, any private land owners or the wilderness and surrounding areas as a result of the Falls Creek Mountain Raid.

As a result, there is a chance that the course could change on the day or the event could be cancelled. The event will only be cancelled if there are extreme weather conditions in the area over the entire weekend and it is determined that the danger is too great to permit competitors to go through the course.

Any change of course, evacuation or event cancellation will be communicated to competitors as soon and as safely as possible, through any of the following means:

  • SMS sent to competitors mobile phones
  • at the competitor briefing on Friday evening
  • when teams are assembled at the start line
  • when teams pass through a transition area
  • all messages will be copied and placed on the official event notice board in front of the registration area and on the event website at

Once again, these changes would be a last resort, but we respect your safety, the landowners, residents, flora and fauna of this beautiful part of the world in extreme circumstances.

Falls Creek Mountain Raid

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