Mt Buller Super-D

FINAL EVENT INFORMATION: We encourage all riders to download and read the 'Event Program' before race weekend. This contains all the final event information like schedule, course maps, race rules, and more… and is essential reading for competitors. CLICK HERE FOR MORE


DHaRCO Super-D

When: Sunday 10th March, wave starts from 2:00pm 
Start / finish: Wave starts at the top of the Skyline Track at the top of the Mt Buller village. Finish in the Picnic in the Park festival at Mirimbah.
Race format: A single top to bottom descent from Mt Buller all the way down to Mirimbah at the base of the mountain – 11km long and 1,100m vertical descent in a single run! Fastest down the hill wins.
Terrain and riding style: All Mountain riding on sometimes rough, sometimes smooth single/double track. The course includes a couple of very short (but sharp) climbs but is otherwise downhill (and fast) from top to bottom.  Achievable by all riders!
Preferred bike: All mountain dually (120mm - 160mm) or cross-country dually (100mm – 120mm). DH bikes not recommended as there are some (short) uphill sections.
Requirements: Mobile Phone
Bus Shuttle: Catch the shuttle bus back up the mountain for only $20 - book a seat when you enter online or via the merchandise store at a later date OR arrange your own lift.
Entry Info & Fees: Click Here


It is not often in life that you can ride a single track descent from the top of a mountain all the way the bottom - dropping over a vertical kilometre in a single run – until now. The Mt Buller Super-D, is a smile-making machine that will have you grinning from the moment you start until the moment your head hits the pillow at the end of the day!

The event starts with groups of 2 riders setting off at 30 second intervals, from the top of the Mt Buller Village and then powering down the 11km long, 1,100 vertical metre descent to the Picnic in the Park Festival at the base of the mountain.

The descent starts on some of the Mt Buller's local single track and continues for a top to bottom run down the famed Delatite River Trail that includes 12 bridges over the Delatite River on the way to the finish line in the Picnic in the Park festival at Mirimbah.

Chris Southwood, Australia’s man-in-the-know about all things MTB has described the Delatite River Trail, “…one of the most completely mind-melting experiences you can have on a mountain bike.”


The Picnic in the Park Festival is a local food, music and beer/festival on the picturesque parkland Mirimbah, beside the Delatite River. There is a full afternoon of live music, a huge range of food options, a river to swim in and plenty of beer to help celebrate what is definitely one of the best descents of your life.

Friends and family can meet you at 'The Picnic' ($20 entry fee for them - riders are free) and then either give you a lift back up the mountain OR you can catch our shuttle bus in a happy daze at the end of it all. More details about the Picnic HERE.


This is not a full on downhill race! You do not need 10inches of travel, body armour and a full face helmet – in fact the fastest riders will just be riding their standard cross country / all mountain dual suspension bikes (100mm-140mm travel). It is also a good event for capable kids who can handle their bikes OK and want a rewarding ride from top to bottom although be aware that there may be faster riders racing to get past at times.

Gravity Enduro riders: you can still do this race at the end of your Enduro if you want to. We will keep the Super-D start window open until ~3:30pm which allows plenty of time to add this on as a grand finale descent at the end of the day. G Enduro riders get a discounted entry fee for this very reason.


For a taste of the Delatite River Trail check out Flow's video of this sweet descent (the vid is old but gold!):



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