Races Summary

FINAL EVENT INFORMATION: We encourage all riders to download and read the 'Event Program' before race weekend. This contains all the final event information like schedule, course maps, race rules, and more… and is essential reading for competitors. CLICK HERE FOR MORE


Races summary

Mountain bike riders of all styles are welcome with events of all disciplines included over the weekend - Gravity Enduro, XC, DH, Dual Slalom and more.

Enter just one event OR enter the combined race categories for an overall result in your chosen format -  'Gravity Gods' for the gravity riders or the 'XC Whippets' for those who like to go up and down.

All events are open to riders of varying ability levels so feel welcome no-matter what your background.

Here is a short summary of each race, click through for more details. Races are colour coded as follows:
Red: Gravity races (# denotes Gravity Gods events)
Blue: Cross Country races (* denotes the XC Whippets events)
Green: Spectator events
Purple: Bike events for kids



Thule EPIC Trail Point to Point 46km  *

This is the first time the internationally renowned ‘Epic Trail’ has ever been raced and we’re excited by the fun you’ll have on this incredible trail. This point to point XC-Marathon race starts on Mt Buller, heads over neighbouring Mt Stirling and through the snowgum wilderness before a MIND-BLOWING descent to the finish line at Mirimbah. Epic! Details...

Saint ABOM Downhill. #
A full-gas DH race on the legendary ABOM DH track with chairlift return back to the top. Course practice in the morning and then seeding run and race run in the the afternoon, fastest race run wins. Details.

Kids' Village Ride
A fun ride for kids with 5km and 10km options on the friendly trails around the Mt Buller Village. A great opportunity for kids to join the MTB action. Details. 

16” Dual Slalom
Two riders going head to head down a grass dual-slalom track on Bourke Street – on 16” kids bikes! Conducted in an elimination format with a ‘winner takes all’ final to the roars of the crowd. Great fun to race, even better to watch. Details.

ATC Slopestyle
This is a full-blown slopestyle competition on a jumps course right in the middle of Mt Buller!! Compete if you can or watch it (with a beer in your hand) if you can’t – this is going to be awesome. Details.



XTR Gravity Enduro #
A gravity enduro around the most popular Mt Buller descents with timed descents interspersed with untimed climbs where you can take your time and rest up for the next gravity hit. Fastest cumulative descent time wins. Race #3 of the VICTORIAN GRAVITY TOUR. Details.

Michelin Cornhill Grand-Prix 20km  *

A super-run X-country race that slaloms through the snowgums on nearby Con Hill on some of Mt Buller’s most popular trails before returning back to the village square for the finish line sprint. Details...

DHaRCO Super-D   (X-country appropriate)
A top to bottom race down the full height of Mt Buller to finish at the base of the mountain at Mirimbah. This phenomenal descent drops 1,100 vertical metres over 12km on a mix of fast, fun and flowing non-technical trails to finish in the middle of the popular Picnic in the Park food, beer/wine and music festival at the bottom. Details


Combined races categories:

# Gravity Gods: Race the two designated gravity events (marked with #) to contest the Gravity Gods category. Your race times are added together and the lowest cumulative time is the ‘Gravity God’ and overall winner of the weekend. Open and age group categories.

 * XC Whippets: Compete in the two specific X-country style events (marked with *) to contest the XC Whippets category. Your race times are added together and the lowest cumulative time is the XC champion of the weekend. Open and age group categories.

E-Bikes are welcome 

We welcome anyone riding a pedal assisted e-bike into any of the races conducted over the weekend. E-bike riders will start with all other riders but will be competing just against other e-bike riders and not against those riding a traditional bike.

Pedal assisted e-bikes may not have a power output greater than 250watts or a powered speed faster than 25km/hr.


Recommended stages for different riding styles

There are a lot of races being held at The Shimano Bike Buller Festival this year which can be a bit difficult to get your head around. So here is a list of recommended stages for different types of riders:

Cross country (XC) and marathon riders:
If you generally like riding up hills as much as down them then we’d recommend the following key stages:

  • Saturday: Epic Trail Point to Point 46km
  • Sunday: Corn Hill Grand Prix 20km 
  • Sunday: Mt Buller Super-D for a super fun descent to the festival at the bottom

Downhill (DH) riders:
If you prefer going downhill we’d recommended these stages:

  • Saturday: ABOM Downhill for a blast down this popular DH track and then the 16” Dual Slalom or Slopestyle event for a bit of fun in the evening
  • Sunday: The Gravity Enduro
  • Sunday: The Super-D, its a ripping ride that descends 1,100m but it has a few peddaly secitons as well


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