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Picnic in the Park bike fun (Sunday)

When: Sunday 11th March, riding starts at 2:30pm. Entries taken up until 2:00pm on Sunday.
Start / finish: All conducted within the Picnic in the Park at Mirimbah.
Ride format: Kids ride a marked course in a corner of the Mirimbah picnic site, completing laps, games and activities on their bikes in a fun and friendly ride environment.
Terrain and riding style: We will create a 200m – 400m loop on a mixture of grass, dirt and existing track that can be ridden by all kinds of kids. The riding on this course will be significantly easier than the course used in The Kids Village Ride on Saturday so is appropriate for smaller kids.
Hydration / nutrition locations: No water points on the course – drinks at the finish line.
Requirements: Kids can do it on any type of bike – pedal or balance bikes, but all riders must wear a certified helmet.
Recommended ages: Recommended for 4 - 8 yrs. olds. (Yes some kids are exceptionally talented so younger kids will not be turned away, but in general terms these are the recommended ages for this ride)

Here is another great event for kids to encourage them to get out on their bikes and HAVE SOME FUN!! We will create a little off-road loop and bike play area within the extensive grounds of the Picnic in the Park site at Mirimbah and conduct a number of little activities for kids on their bikes… but it won’t all be about racing or even going fast, this is about having fun on your bike with your friends.

The riding will be significantly easier than the course used in The Kids Village Ride, and is most suited to little kids on balance bikes as they will remain within the sight of parents and the course is not super hard at all. We will conduct a number of activities like riding slowly, limbo riding, relay races and weaving between trees… all in all it should be a whole lot of fun for a whole lot of kids.

NOTE: This event will take place within the grounds of the Picnic in the Park – meaning that adults have to pay the required entry fee to get into Picnic in the Park to be able to watch this ride. Your entry to The Picnic is NOT included in the entry fee for this bike event. (The Picnic in the Park is a gourmet food, wine and live music festival held on the extensive parkland at Mirimbah and is a highly recommended way to spend your day anyway! Click here for details.)  


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