Gravity Races

 DHaRCO Outlaw All-Mountain Trophy (Monday)

When: Monday 12th March, stage starts from 9:00am with racing through until 2:00pm
Start / finish: Start at Spurs Restaurant at the top of the Northside Express chairlift. Finish at the base of the Northside Express
Race format: Riders complete as many descents of the Outlaw and Copperhead Trails as you like before 2:00pm. We then add up your 2 fastest descents down Outlaw and 1 fastest descent down Copperhead to make your race time – fastest cumulative time wins
Hydration / nutrition locations: Refuel at the Spurs Restaurant, selling food and drinks all day. You can also park your car out there and hang out with your mates at your cars...
Terrain and riding style: The Outlaw Trail is the more technical trail and includes a variety of terrain varying from fast open sections to rocky switchbacks and drop-offs to a height of 0.5m. This is an intermediate level DH track. Copperhead is less technical but still flowing single track with berms, jumps and rollers.
Preferred bike: All mountain dually (140mm - 170mm) or light-weight downhill bike. There are some pedally sections.
Field limit: 250 riders total
Gravity God Race?: Yes, to contest the Gravity God Premier category you must compete in this race.
Requirements: All riders must wear a full face helmet. If you need a full face helmet you can rent them, info here.
Lift Pass included?: Yes, the entry fee includes a one day lift pass on the Northside Express chairlift  (you may also ride other trails with this pass).



The course: Riders must complete a minimum of 2 descents down the Outlaw trail and 1 descent down the Copperhead trail – although we encourage you to do many more!! In the most part both trails are fun / fast trails with switchbacks through the snow gums, rock drop offs, berms and jumps. Both trails finish at the Northside Express chairlift which you ride back up with your bike ready to do it all again and again...

Riders will be able to complete as many descents down the race tracks as you like within your time window, with your fastest 2 descents down Outlaw and 1 descent down Copperhead making your race time – fastest time wins. In between descents you can hang out, grab something to eat at Spurs and get amped up for your next run – sweeeet!

The starts: Will start one rider every 30 seconds according to a set schedule from 9:00am. Your start times will be posted to the event notice board on Sunday evening with on the day entries starting last. Only your first descent is a scheduled start so for all following descents you can start as you like (even ride with a mate...) but all descents must be completed by 2:00pm.

In order to manage the field and any queues / congestion on the trails, we will split the trails to be ridden according to your categories as follows:

Amateur categories – start on Outlaw first

  • Under 15 - male and female
  • Under 17 - male and female
  • Sport - male and female
  • Veteran (30-39yrs) - male and female
  • Masters (40+ years) - male and female
  • Super Masters (50+) - male and female

Pro categories – start on Copperhead first

  • Under 19 - male and female
  • Expert - male and female
  • Elite - male and female


We will then schedule categories as follows:

9:00am – 11:00am

  • Pro categories race on Copperhead only
  • Amateur categories race on Outlaw only

11:00am – 12:00pm

  • Mixed up – any rider can ride any trail

12:00pm – 2:00pm

  • Pro categories race on Outlaw only
  • Amateur categories race on Copperhead only

This structure is set in place to manage riders and help ensure that riders of similar abilities / speeds are on the same trail at any one time – allowing for fast and safe riding for everyone.


Check out the 3D map of the course on ROAM MTB here.

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