Gravity Races

XTR Gravity Enduro (Sunday)

When: Sunday 11th March, wave starts commence from 8:30am
Start / finish: Wave starts from the Village Square. Finish at Village Square
Race Format: A loop course with 6-8 timed descents and untimed climbs and transit sections that include the use of the chairlift. The winner is the rider within the lowest cumulative time on the timed descents (only).
Terrain and riding style: Generally flowing single track with some rocky sections. Riders pedal / push the majority of climbs but use the chairlift for 2 uplifts.
Preferred bike: All mountain dually (120mm - 160mm)
Field limit: 300 riders total
Gravity God Race?: Yes, to contest the Gravity God category you must compete in this race.
Requirements: All riders must wear a full face helmet, carry a first aid kit and a phone. [If you do not have a full face helmet you can rent one for $20 from All Terrain Cycles on Mt Buller. Details here.]
Lift Pass included?: Yes, the entry fee includes a one day lift pass on the Northside Express chairlift on Sunday (race day). Please note a lift pass for Saturday's practice is NOT included in your entry fee - but note that if you are also competing in the Saint ABOM Downhill on Saturday this does include a lift pass which will allow you to prctice the 2 lift accessible gravity enduro stages on Saturday.



About Gravity Enduro:

Crank the down-hills and cruise the climbs… that is what Gravity Enduro is all about. This is a race where you can ride the descents flat out, showing your mates who’s fastest and then join up again at the bottom to cruise the climbs, taking your time to enjoy the trail, catch your breath and get ready for the next full-gas section of downhill racing. This is pure Gravity Enduro racing and (arguably) the best way to ride the Buller trails.

We have elevated the status of the Gravity Enduro within the Bike Buller Festival weekend for 2018 – making it a bigger event that caters for riders of all levels, from first timers through to the country’s elite gravity racers.


the Course(s)

There are 6 base stages that all riders must complete and an additional 2 stages that the pro-categories must complete. Riders in each category must do the stages in the order listed below and follow the intended course route.


Pro-course – must be ridden by all riders in the following categories:

  • Under 19 - male and female
  • Expert - male and female
  • Elite - male and female

The pro-course must be ridden in the following order. (This route will be given to you as a sticker when you start).

  1. Copperhead    >  then go up the chairlift
  2. Outlaw    >  go up the chairlift and ride through the village to
  3. Gangs Gangs    >  ride over Corn Hill to
  4. Trigger Happy    >  ride up the Stonefly single track and turn right to take a shortcut up the River Spur to
  5. Stonefly descent    >  ride / push up Woolybut to the top of Corn Hill
  6. Misty Twist    >  ride up Misty Twist ascent
  7. Clancy’s Run    >  ride along Corn Hill Rd to the base of the chairlift, up the lift and across to the Summit Rd for the
  8. Urban DH

This is approximately 40km long with ~35mins of racing for the fastest.


Amateur-course – must be ridden by all riders in the following categories:

  • Under 15 - male and female
  • Under 17 - male and female
  • Sport - male and female
  • Veteran (30-39yrs) - male and female
  • Masters (40+ years) - male and female
  • Super Masters (50+) - male and female

The amateur-course must be ridden in the following order. (This route will be given to you as a sticker when you start).

  1. Gangs Gangs    >  ride to the top of Corn Hill on Medusa
  2. Misty Twist    >  ride up Misty Twist ascent
  3. Clancy’s Run    >  ride along Corn Hill Rd to the base of the chairlift, up the lift
  4. Copperhead    >  go up the chairlift
  5. Outlaw    >  go up the chairlift and ride across to the Summit Rd for the
  6. Urban DH

This is approximately 30km long with ~22mins of racing for the fastest.


Click here for a PDF copy of the course map.

Race start and format:

  • Riders start from the Village Square in designated groups of 3 riders per minute. Start groups will be posted to the notice board on Saturday evening with faster riders going off first.
  • We will start the Amateur-course categories and Pro-course categories at the same time from the village square – with each group of riders going directly to the start of their first stage.
  • Riders can start each timed downhill segment whenever you like, there are no specified start times for each rider, we just encourage you to leave approx 20-30sec between each rider as you self start
  • Riders make your own way around the course completing each segment in the order listed above.
  • All riders will have a timing chip on the back of your number plate that will automatically record when you start and finish each timed segment. You do not need to dib in / out at the start / finish of each segment.
  • The last stage – Urban DH – finishes directly in the Village Square.


The Gravity Enduro is race #4 and finale of the Victorian Enduro Tour with race times counting towards overall results in the Series. Check the Victorian Enduro Tour facebook page for more information.


PRACTICE DAY - Saturday 10th March

The Gravity Enduro course will be open for practice on Saturday from late morning onwards, with specific stages opening according to the schedule below (because another race is riding over them first).

  • Gangs Gangs - open from 10:00am
  • Trigger Happy - open from 12:30pm
  • Stonefly descent - open from 11:30pm
  • Misty Twist - open from 12:30pm
  • Clancy’s Run - open from 12:30pm
  • Outlaw - open all day, lift accessible
  • Copperhead - open all day , lift accessible
  • Urban DH to finish - open between 3:00pm and 5:00pm, lift accessible

Please DO NOT practice any stage before the allocated time above and let the XC riders finish their race first.

Riders wishing to use the chairlift during practice may purchase a lift pass from the top of the North Side Express chairlift at Spurs on Saturday ($67 per day) or enter the ABOM downhill ($79-$89) and race as well as access the chair and the Outlaw, Copperhead and the Urban DH stages. There is no practical ability to shuttle any other stages.



Victorian Enduro Tour

The Gravity Enduro will be round #4 of the Victorian Gravity Tour. Click here and here for further details on the Tour.

  1. Round 1 Albury Wodonga MTB @ Nailcairn Hill :  11-12 November
  2. Round 2 Team Mount Beauty @ Mount Beauty :  20-21 January
  3. Round 3 Falls Creek Enduro @ Falls Creek: 10-11 February
  4. Round 4 Rapid Ascent @ Mt Buller :  10-11 March


Mandatory gear for the Gravity Enduro

  • Full face helmet on timed segments. An open face helmet may be worn for untimed segments. A helmet of either style must be worn when riding your bike (not if / when pushing).
  • A First Aid kit comprising: 2 x crepe bandages, 2 x non-adhesive wound dressings, 6 x steri-strip wound closures, 1 x triangular bandage, surgical gloves.
  • Mobile phone (there is good mobile reception on the courses so they could be essential in an emergency).

Failure to have a full face helment means you will not be able to start the race. Failure to carry any of any of the other compulsory equipment will result in a 20 minute time penalty being applied to that race.


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