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16" Dual Slalom (Saturday)

When: Saturday 10th March, racing between 5:00pm and 6:00pm
Start / finish: Held on the "Magic Forest" area adjacent to Bourke Street ski run (south side) just above the Village Square expo area
Race format: Riders go head to head in a dual slalom format down the grass track – riding 16” kids’ bikes – leading to a ‘winner takes all’ final!
Hydration / nutrition locations: Oooh yeah, there will be a BBQ and event bar set up track-side so riders and spectators can get in the spirit of things!
The track: Two identical tracks running side by side with turns, jumps and fast sections, all on grass.
Preferred bike: We will provide the 16” inch kids bikes that must be used for all races.
Field limit: 32 riders (over 13yrs only). A limited number of entries will be taken online beforehand with a top-up taken on the day.
Requirements: A sense of stupid fun and a good time attitude.
Prize money: $50 for 1st

Welcome to the 16” Dual Slalom – now this is fun…. 2 riders going head to head down a grass dual slalom track on 16” kids bikes! Anyone who saw this race in earlier years will list it as one of their favourite events and 2018 is going to take it to another level I'm sure.

There’ll be a BBQ and a bar at the base of the track, loads of spectators lining the course, and pumping tunes all to add to the race atmosphere.

A limited number of entries will be taken online beforehand with a top-up taken on the day to ensure we have the best and worst riders possible. 16” bikes will be provided and we encourage anyone who wants to have a crack to step up and have a go. All races will be head to head – elimination style - with a single run down the track, the winner progresses to the next round which leads to a final and a bonus $50 cash injection to your wallet (or purse) for 1st

[You don't always have to be fast to win - you just need to keep it upright! Last year we saw some big name riders taken down by those that took a more conservative line. So sign up if you want to be part of the fun OR if you'd rather watch then bring a beer and cow bell for a great night.]

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