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Kids' Village Ride

When: Saturday 9th March, starts at 3:00pm. Entries taken up until 2:45pm.
Start / finish: Mass start from the Village Square. Finishes at Village Square.
Ride format: The course consists of one 5km lap on the village MTB trails. Better riders can choose to do 2 laps and those newer to the sport can do just one and then ride through the finish chute.
Terrain and riding style: The 5km loop includes a mixture of village streets, double track and single track, forming a fun but achievable loop around the village for kids. The most challenging track is the One Tree Hill climb which is smooth but goes up, and the rest is largely all double track.
Requirements: Kids can do it on any type of bike – pedal bikes recommended (it is too hard for a balance bike) - and all riders must wear a certified helmet.
Recommended ages: Recommended for 6 - 13 yrs. olds. (Yes some kids are exceptionally talented so younger kids will not be turned away, but in general terms these are the recommended ages for this ride).
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 This is a fun riding event designed to give kids the chance to ride their bikes and be ‘part of the action’. The event is based on participation and encourages kids to get out on their bikes and enjoy riding off-road. We provide a happy and enthusiastic environment for all kids and hope that a couple of pros will come and be involved with the event to get kids excited about riding bikes.

The ride is conducted in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere, we do not record results and riders can choose to complete either one 5km loop or two before experiencing the thrill of riding through the finish line.

The ride is held in a semi-supervised environment in that we mark the course and marshal the various intersections, but we do not have marshals with line of sight over the whole course because we want to encourage independence and give kids a chance to experience freedom on their bikes.

Adults are welcome to join kids free of charge if you want to provide greater supervision of your junior whippets.

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