Ocean Paddle Course Description and Maps

FINAL EVENT INFORMATION: We encourage all competitors to download and read the 'Event Program' before race weekend. This contains all the final event information like schedule, course maps, race rules, equipment lists… and is essential reading for competitors and support crews. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.


15km Ocean Paddle course

The race will commence with a mass paddle start which will see all paddlers line up on the water at the river mouth and then set off through the small shorebreak. With hundreds of spectators cheering you on, this will sure make for a spectacular site!

Paddlers head straight out for 500m before turning right around the turn-bouy, and proceeding south for 7km following the coastline, and taking in the iconic views of the rugged shores and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.

Paddle south west to Seal Island, which is the turnaround point and then turn left around the island and head north, back up the coastline towards Augusta, past Flinders Bay and then in through the rivermouth (through the ‘cut’) and into the Hardy Inlet. Land your boat on the grass at  and complete a short 200m run into the Finish line at Turner Caravan Park. 

This is a spectacular paddle course that allows for a sheltered paddle towards Seal Island and the lighthouse and pending weather conditions, some good down-wind runners on the way back. A scenic race for paddlers of all abilities.


This is the Paddle course map for the 2018 race. Some changes may be made pending weather conditions on the day.



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