Augusta Junior Survivor Overview

FINAL EVENT INFORMATION: We encourage all competitors to download and read the 'Event Program' before race weekend. This contains all the final event information like schedule, course maps, race rules, equipment lists… and is essential reading for competitors and support crews. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.



The Act-Belong-Commit Junior Survivor is a super fun running and obstacle adventure challenge designed as a healthy and inclusive activity for children aged up to 13 years. AND... everyone gets a FREE EVENT T-SHIRT and finisher medal!

The Junior Survivor will take place on SUNDAY 4th November – after the Augusta Adventure Race, so kids get the chance to be the centre of attention and get their share of off-road fun.


What's in store?

The event involves a range of exciting obstacles and water activities in a bush and beach environment, proving to be incredibly popular with kids across the country!

The event regularly attracts a sell out field of very excited kids, all of whom successfully make their way around the course with laughs and smiles all the way!

Check out some of the action (Junior Survivor highlights from 1min50):



Junior Survivor  will start at 1:30pm on Sunday 4th November and will finish with presentations at 2:30pm. The event will be held while the Adventure Expo is in full swing and while adult competitors in the Augusta Adventure Race are competing so there will be plenty of active supporters cheering you over the finish line!

Note, all Junior Survivors must complete registration along with a parent and/or guardian between 10:30am and 1pm on Sunday 4th November in the Adventure Expo in the Turner Caravan Park.


Act-Belong-Commit Junior Survivor will start on Albany Terrace - immediately adjacent the Adventure Expo and finish in the finish chute right in the middle of the Adventure Expo in Turner Caravan Park. The course will be fully marked and marshalled so all participants are assured of a safe, fun time.

Do I need any special equipment or skills?

No special equipment or athletic skills are required, just bring along your sense of adventure and fun (and a good pair of shoes) and we promise we’ll put a smile on your dial!

How Long?

Junior Survivors can expect to encounter an exciting survivor challenge every 5 minutes or so. The course is designed to give you about 30 minutes of physical activity, however if you’re super-quick you could finish in about 20 minutes, or if you’re a bit slower and walk the whole thing, it may be about an hour. The important thing is that every Junior Survivor who crosses the finish line is a winner!

More Junior Survivor action

The 2009 Junior Survivor at the Gold Coast was filmed for a segment on Totally Wild - and here it is. So check out the action and the funny way they made their way around the course.


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