Augusta Adventure Race Course Description

FINAL EVENT INFORMATION: We encourage all competitors to download and read the 'Event Program' before race weekend. This contains all the final event information like schedule, course maps, race rules, equipment lists… and is essential reading for competitors and support crews. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.



We’re excited to provide a new-look course for 2018 that will allow all adventure lovers to experience the thrill of adventure racing, without the daunting distances.

The 2018 Augusta Adventure Race course is quite similar to the 'MINI' race of previous years and retains the same sense of fun, adventure and happy participation in a beautiful part of the world… Come and be part of the adventure! 




1km Ocean Swim

Swimmers enjoy a NEW swim course for 2018 that starts on the ocean beach at Sam Griffiths Park on Albany Tce.

Swimmers enter the water in the ocean and swim a short way out to a buoy located just inside the reef where you turn left to swim parallel to the coastline. The course then heads north in the protected waters inside the reef system before a final buoy where you turn left and return to shore directly at the T1 transition area at Deere St, ready for the run leg. 


6.6km CLIF Bar Run

Team swimmers rendezvous with their team runners or individuals do a quick change and then set off on a NEW run along a magnificent section of the coastline - running along hard sandy beachs and rocky foreshores taking you south, past Flinders Bay to the turnaround point at the Augusta Boat Harbour.

Runners return from the boat harbour on the new concrete footpath, and continue along some scenic bushland trails and quiet urban streets, heading north towards the T2 transition area on Albany Tce. Run into the TA and get ready for the MTB leg (or hand over to your teammate). 


15km Mountain Bike

Runners high five your MTB team mate whilst individuals mount their bikes and keep on charging.

The MTB course puts the wind in your hair and the sweet smell of eucalypts in your lungs as you race along 4WD tracks in the bush. The course has a short climb to get out of town but otherwise follows a fast and relatively flat route on a mixture of double tracks and dirt roads that provide few technical difficulties.

The MTB course passes through a diverse mixture landscpaes and local highlights as you wind through the bushland immediately behind the Augusta township and soon enough you'll be descending back into the TA on Albany Terrace and raring for more!


6km Inlet paddle

Mountain bikers do a quick change (or team members hand over to their paddler) to locate their craft lined up on the grass at Colourpatch with 1,000’s of spectators cheering you on for the final leg of the race on the protected waters of Hardy Inlet.

Once started, paddlers head upstream to proceed north on the inlet for approx 2.6km to the turn around point at 3 bouys located just past the last of the Augusta riverfront houses. Do a U-turn and paddle back down the Inlet to a final turn buoy just in front of the rivermouth cutting and then return your boat to the grass at the Colorpatch transition area on Albany Tce.

The entire paddle leg is on the protected waters of Hardy Inlet and there are no surf crossings or obstacles to encounter – making it fun and achievable for paddlers of all abilities. 


200m Team Run

All team mates reconvene and head off together whilst individuals leave their paddle craft and continue on foot for the final 300m run along Albany Tce with only the finish in your sights at the Turner Caravan Park.

There will be endless high 5's from the crowd on either side and your smiles of joy will widen even further as you turn into the finish chute and cross under the arch to complete your epic adventure.

Well done! Mission accomplished!



The course map below is the course for 2018 - some changes may be made pending the weather on the day. 


Spectators and support crews

Read more about spectator opportunities here.



To complete the Augusta Adventure Race in a team or as an individual is to get the best out of life. It’s about setting yourself a challenge and then fulfilling a goal.

You’ll see people riding bikes who just brushed the cobwebs off and pumped up the tyres, swimmers who’ll nearly splash and frolic and paddlers who spend more time up-side-down than right-way-up… but all in all that matters is that you are out there giving it a go.

Take the first step and we guarantee you’ll enjoy all the ones that follow.

YOU can do it...


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