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The Act-Belong-Commit Augusta Adventure Fest is the biggest adventure race in the world, and it's back even bigger and better in 2017.

The weekend includes races of 3 different lengths so anyone and everyone can be involved – from 3yr old kids through to 70+yr champions. All races take place within the magical wilderness ‘down south at Augusta with adult races including kayaking, swimming mountain biking and trail running through the areas spectacular landscapes.

With 3,500+ competitors and over 7,000 spectators this is an incredible race experience for anyone – make sure you are PART OF THE ACTION in 2017!


When: Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November 2017
Where: Augusta, South Western, Western Australia
What: An adventure weekend for everyone.

Adventure Race (long course race):

  1. 13.5km Inlet and Ocean Paddle 
  2. 12.5km Coastal Run 
  3. 2.2km Inlet and Ocean Swim - NEW
  4. 28.5km Mountain Bike
  5. 400m Team run 
Augusta MINI Adventure Race (short course race):
  1. 5.2km Inlet Paddle
  2. 5.5km Run
  3. 1.1km Inlet Swim
  4. 15km MTB
  5. 400m Run to the finish line
Augusta Junior Survivor (kids race) A 4km obstacle and adventure run for kids aged up to 13yrs. 

Entries for the 2017 on 2nd May!





Augusta is as far south-west as you can go; a quiet coastal town home to long sandy beaches, wild landscapes and an abundance of fresh air. It’s half an hour south from Margaret River, and 310kms south of Perth.

The landscape around Augusta is perfect for off-road adventures with its wild rocky coastline, undulating hinterland covered in dense wilderness, sheltered bays and secluded beaches.

There really is nothing like it. Come and see for yourself and get amongst the ultimate race atmosphere in the wild landscapes of south west Western Australia – a real-life adventure paradise.


There’s something on offer for everyone; with three different events for adventurers of all ages, and four different off-road disciplines including ocean swimming and kayaking, trail running and mountain biking. Choose your event and get your entry in.

We have new and improved courses in 2017, so if you have done it before then you are encouraged to return for a new adventure!

1. Act-Belong-Commit Augusta Adventure Race:

The premier race for the more experienced (or the more determined!) adventure racer over a 56km course, including kayaking, mountain biking, ocean swimming and trail running. Open to individuals and relay teams. This one fills up fast (within days) so get your entry in now.


2. Act-Belong-Commit Augusta MINI Adventure Race:

A half distance race ideal for younger competitors and first timers, designed to provide a taste of adventure without the intimidating distances involved in the full length version. The course includes ocean swimming, mountain biking, trail running and inlet kayaking. Open to relay teams and individuals; and great event for those eager to give adventure racing a crack.


3. Act-Belong-Commit Junior Survivor Augusta:

A 4km obstacle and adventure run for kids aged 4 to 13. The super fun adventure challenge gives kids a dose of off-road excitement!




Check out this Long Play Highlights video from the 2016 Act-Belong-Commit Augusta Adventure Fest for a good look at what the event is all about.


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